Join Choir

Choose an audition day: Day 1: Tuesday, March 26th 3:30-6:00pm OR Day 2: Wednesday, May 8th 3:30-6:00pm

SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT HERE (If there are no slots that work for you, email to schedule a time.)

All Audition Details HERE

If you cannot read music or haven’t been in choir before, don’t let that stop you! We have a choir for every voice!

Questions? Contact Ms. Crellin ( to get more about joining choir!

Registration Process:

All students register for choir. After auditions, counselors will move students to their allocated ensemble based on the results.

  • New MCHS choir students should register for any choir & will be sorted into classes once placement results are determined.
  • Current Choir students should register for their current class as a placeholder
    • Auditions for current students will take place during the class period as a curricular assessment (no need to sign up for an audition slot)

Placement Process

Scales (Major, Minor, Chromatic)

  • Student will sing major, minor, and chromatic scales a cappella (without piano assistance) after receiving a starting note.

Tonal Memory

  • Student hears three separate 5-tone patterns one at a time
  • Student repeats each 5-tone pattern after listening twice


  • Student will perform an excerpt of “Time” by Jennifer Lucy Cook
  • Part tracks & sheet music are attached (email Ms. Crellin for a printed copy)

Sheet Music & Part Tracks HERE 

Rhythmic Sight Reading (OPTIONAL)

  • Student will have 30 seconds to learn and perform a 4-measure rhythmic sight-reading example in a 4/4 using takadimi or a method of their choice.
  • Examples Linked HERE 

Melodic Sight Reading (OPTIONAL)

  • Student will have 3o seconds to learn and perform a 4-measure major, melodic sight-reading example using solfege or a method of their choice.
  • Examples Linked HERE