MCHS Choir Mentorship Program

The choir mentorship program was created to help improve the singing skills of students across our district. We also want to enhance a feeling of togetherness and truly build a bond between the different choirs of MBUSD.

The choir mentorship program is an after-school program that allows an elementary school student to be paired up with one of our wonderful high school mentors. The student then sits down for a thirty-minute session with the mentor where they learn new singing strategies and improve upon the singing skills that they already have. The mentors also look over the google classroom assignments that the mentees are given each week so they can provide support for that as well! The program currently focuses on teaching elementary school students yet we hope to expand to the middle school students as well! The program has already made such a difference to our mentors and we truly hope that the elementary students feel the same way.

Our mentors actually have shared some of their thoughts about the program, one of the mentors said, “Being a mentor has really taught me why the choir is so amazing. I’m able to personally help so many kids who love singing and meet so many new inspiring people every week. Helping these students has, in many ways, made me a better singer and person!”

The mentorship program not only benefits the elementary students but also serves as an extremely rewarding experience for our mentors. Another one of the mentors spoke about this, “My favorite part of being a mentor is when things finally click for the students when they are even surprised at how incredible they sound. It has overall been such a rewarding experience and I am so glad that our high schoolers are able to help the elementary school students.”

We are always looking for current MCHS choir students to join our program and become a mentor. This is an amazing opportunity to help other students, gain leadership skills, and spread the joy of singing. If you have any questions or would like to join please reach out at